April 3, 2024
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Lunda.ai manages connections to Vonage, Whisper, and Llama with ngrok

Sam Richard

Today, we’re excited to spotlight a conversation with Ymir Egilson, founder and CTO at Lunda.ai, a startup aimed at revolutionizing sales coaching through applying machine learning to sales calls for sellers, and a customer of ngrok.

What is Lunda.ai?

After attending the rigorous programming boot camp School of Applied Technology in Stockholm and working at Visma, a leading ERP software company in Europe, Ymir ventured into the realm of AI by founding Lunda.ai. The motivation behind Lunda.ai is to alleviate the challenges faced by dispersed sales teams and make sales teams more efficient through smart, targeted sales coaching.

The idea behind Lunda.ai came from Ymir's firsthand experience with the sales team's struggles. The highs and lows of sales, the inconsistency of success rates, and the emotional toll of rejection led Ymir and the Lunda.ai team to explore how technology, specifically AI, could offer a solution. Lunda's goal is to make every sales call more efficient, focusing not just on closing deals but on understanding and addressing the customer's underlying needs more effectively, and then later coaching the salesperson on the call so that their next conversation will be better. 

How Lunda.ai ships faster with ngrok

ngrok is a key component of Lunda's development process as they test integrations with Vonage, a communications service that records the sales calls Lunda.ai trains models on. Phone systems like Vonage are notoriously difficult to test in a staging environment. By enabling secure, real-time communication between Lunda.ai’s local development environment and external APIs, ngrok significantly streamlines Lunda's testing and development workflow. This allows the small and agile Lunda.ai team to iterate rapidly, testing ideas and integrations without the cumbersome process of deploying every single change.

Lunda.ai uses a combination of AI models, including a compact version of Llama LLM for generating advice during calls and a customized variant of Whisper for real-time transcription. These technologies run locally on salespeople's computers, ensuring privacy and reducing infrastructure costs. ngrok plays a crucial role here, facilitating the connection to external APIs and services necessary for Lunda's functionality. You can read more about how ngrok connects to external environments here. 

Get started with Lunda.ai and ngrok

At ngrok, we're thrilled to support builders like Ymir and the Lunda.ai team pushing the boundaries of what's possible with AI and technology. Lunda.ai is currently working with design partners and plans to launch more broadly in the spring, so sign up to be on their waitlist if you’re interested in learning more. 

Stay tuned for more stories from the frontier of innovation, as we continue to explore how ngrok empowers developers worldwide. To get started with ngrok for your application or API sign up here, and join our developer community on Slack. Interested in having your project highlights? Reach out to sam@ngrok.com!

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