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Ship faster with the ngrok API Gateway

With ngrok, you get an API Gateway that just works out-of-the-box. No need to stand up and manage hundreds of gateways, deal with arcane reverse proxy or cloud specific configs or depend on Ops teams to deploy your configs.

Start instantly and run your production API traffic through the globally available ngrok network in minutes. You finally have an API Gateway that’s built for developers.

API Gateway policy management examples

With these 10 YAML-configured examples, you can mix-and-match your way to better security, availability, and observability of your freshest APIs.

How it works

ngrok operates a global network to manage traffic to all your APIs
  1. Online in one line
  2. Enjoy frictionless connectivity.
  3. Bring instant, secure connectivity to your APIs across dev/test and production environments with just one command using our agent, or one function call using our idiomatic SDKs. Enjoy frictionless connectivity that devs can self-serve.

  1. Simple, flexible, idiomatic traffic policy
  2. Stop wrestling with nginx
  3. Stop wrestling with HAProxy and nginx’s bespoke reverse-proxy configuration languages. Define traffic policy as a list of rules in a simple YAML document. Match traffic with CEL-based expressions for advanced traffic routing, such as URL rewrite and URL redirect, and apply policy actions like JWT authentication, rate limiting and other API gateway configs.

  1. Don’t configure your API Gateway with ServiceNow tickets
  2. Eliminate misconfigurations
  3. Be confident in the behavior of your APIs by eliminating the risk of a broken contract with the API gateway. ngrok’s API gateway enables application developers to define the actions they expect with idiomatic SDKs in every programming language.

  1. Works everywhere: any cloud, any platform
  2. We’ve got your platforms covered
  3. Your customers may need to access APIs from various different cloud platforms where you have your APIs running - AWS, Azure, GCP or any other cloud platform of your choice. You don’t need to grapple with the intricacies of each cloud provider’s configurations. Your production APIs can be hosted in any cloud, on premise, or even on a Raspberry Pi. And your APIs still in development could just be running on your laptop.

  1. A cloud-agnostic balancer to your multi-cloud deployment
  2. Multi-cloud API delivery made easy
  3. Got APIs scattered across multiple clouds for optimal performance and availability? ngrok manages traffic in a frictionless manner ensuring a smooth experience for your customers without any operational overhead for you.

  1. Governance for Ops without blocking your developers
  2. Move fast with Safety Nets
  3. With ngrok, devs have the freedom to configure the API gateway to fully utilize all its features safely while Ops teams have the control to define security and governance policies. So devs don’t have to wait for Ops to deploy changes to the gateway. This means devs can move fast and Operations teams can sleep well at night, accelerating release velocity.

  1. Ingress as-a-service so you don’t have to be on-call
  2. We’ve got it. Ditch the pager
  3. Building and scaling a global delivery network is hard and networking isn’t your core competency. ngrok has invested thousands of hours building fault-tolerant global infrastructure that automatically recovers from hardware and network failures to keep your APIs online.

ngrok API Gateway as a service

Pay only for what you use

Ditch high upfront costs and pay only for active endpoints and successful API calls. Scale your costs in line with your traffic growth.

Batteries included

Typically, you need to stitch together many different solutions and tools such as API gateway, Kubernetes Ingress, DDoS protection to securely deliver your apps and APIs. With ngrok, you get all of that more out of the box:
Typically, you need to stitch together many different solutions and tools or write custom code to handle performance, security, observability, and availability requirements. With ngrok, you get all of that and more out of the box:
Kubernetes Ingress

ngrok’s API gateway doubles as a Kubernetes Ingress solution. Leverage the same policies you have used for your API-Gateway as Kubernetes-native policy CRD (Ingress Controller) or extensionRef (Gateway API). Our flexible, idiomatic JSON and CEL-based traffic policy engine makes migrating APIs to Kubernetes a breeze.


Troubleshoot issues in real-time by getting visibility into traffic flows and other events right in the dashboard. Or forward traffic logs to your favorite observability tool and audit logs of configuration changes to your SIEM.

Global Acceleration

Your customers will enjoy a speed boost as ngrok pushes traffic policies that you configure to its global network. So authentication, transformations, load balancing and more happen as close to your customers as possible.

Global Load Balancing

Minimize latency for your apps and APIs by relying on ngrok’s intelligent routing that steers both end user and agent traffic to the nearest Point of Presence (PoP). Ensure high availability for your services with geo-aware load balancing and failover.

DDoS Protection

ngrok cloud enforces authentication and authorization, preventing unauthorized traffic from ever reaching your APIs and rogue webhooks from looping and spamming your service.

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