Kubernetes Operator

Simplify Ingress into Kubernetes clusters with our Ingress Controller or Gateway API by offloading traffic management, performance, and security to ngrok’s global network.


Certs, DNS, and Environment-specific Manifests: The Ordeal of Managing Ingress in Kubernetes

Managing Ingress in Kubernetes presents a complex set of challenges, requiring you to manage various infrastructure configurations and components:

  • The installation and management of certificate managers for provisioning TLS certificates.
  • The management of ExternalDNS.
  • Maintenance of environment-specific Kubernetes manifests for development, production, cloud, k3s, and k3d environments.
  • Ensuring security, performance, and resilience for your origin services, crucial for preventing outages, mitigating slowness, and safeguarding against unauthorized access.

ngrok Kubernetes Operator: Kubernetes Ingress Made Easy

Unlock effortless Kubernetes ingress with ngrok’s Kubernetes Gateway API and Ingress Controller. It equips you to serve apps and APIs, deployed even behind NAT, without needing to configure networking details such as Load Balancers, IPs, network interfaces, or VPC routing.

  • Offload traffic management: Entrust ngrok’s global network to fulfill security, performance, and availability requirements.
  • Automated Certificate Management: No need to install and manage cert-manager, as certificates are automatically provisioned and managed by ngrok.
  • DNS Simplified: Leverage ExternalDNS for instant CNAME record creation, directly linking to ngrok ingresses.
  • Environment independence: Maintain a single Kubernetes manifest that runs identically on EKS, GKE, OpenShift, K3s, or Minikube.

Kubernetes Gateway API

Kubernetes Ingress Controller


Ingress Controller for Kubernetes

Configure the route, host, and downstream service via the standard Kubernetes ingress object and deploy it to your cluster with a Helm chart. Easily integrate our ingress-as-a-service into your existing tech stack without friction.

Kubernetes Gateway API

Install and configure a Gateway resource within the cluster via Helm chart. Once the Gateway has been configured, application developers can create routes attached to the Gateway and configure them to modify and direct traffic using the full power of ngrok’s policy engine to services running in the cluster.

Kubernetes Ingress as a service

Unlock the power of SaaS to deliver high performance applications. Just set the authentication keys to your ngrok account and you're done. Operators do not need to configure networking details like ELBs, IPs, network interfaces or VPC routing.

Benefits: Ingress Simplified

Reduced complexity

Bring secure ingress to your applications in Kubernetes, even if they are deployed behind a NAT. Consolidate multiple tools for traffic management, DNS, certificate management, and security into one easy-to-consume service.

Improved performance

Rely on ngrok’s built-in global server load balancer, powered by a network of PoPs, to automatically route traffic to the PoP with the lowest latency.

Enhanced security

Enforce authentication and authorization at the ngrok edge, preventing unauthorized traffic from ever reaching your cluster and rogue webhooks from looping and spamming your service.
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