Private Edition

ngrok private edition allows you to run the server components of ngrok that route traffic to your services in your own environment. We offer a selection of different deployment models to cater to your unique architecture and application environment.


Enterprises with stringent privacy, security, and compliance mandates can leverage ngrok private edition to securely deliver and protect applications and APIs.


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Complex privacy, security, and compliance requirements

Many enterprises require complete control over all traffic to their applications and APIs across the entire development cycle – from test/dev to production, in order to meet strict security and compliance mandates.

  • Weak security in testing environments can be exploited by attackers to gain access to your network.
  • When accessing external networks, such as customers’ or partners’, protecting their data is essential.
  • Some Enterprises may be wary of their data passing through third-party networks, known as subprocessors.

Additionally, numerous data privacy regulations require strict data handling and protection.


Address complex privacy, security, and compliance needs

With ngrok Private Edition, you have complete control over delivery of your applications and APIs, ensuring all traffic flows through your corporate network. There are a selection of deployment methods available, from a hybrid model where traffic management responsibility is split between ngrok SaaS and your network to running all server components of the ngrok service in your environment. ngrok Private Edition unlocks a variety of use cases while ensuring traffic management is under your control, including ingress for dev/test and production environments, ingress for APIs on customer networks, and ingress for devices running on external networks. Deploy ngrok’s server components on-premise or in your cloud environments.


Control and security

You have full control over inbound and outbound traffic to your applications and APIs, reducing the risk of external breaches.

Simplified compliance

By eliminating the need to run traffic through a subprocessor, ngrok Private Edition reduces compliance burden.

Forging trust with customers and partners

Demonstrating a commitment to data security and privacy builds trust with customers and partners, fostering stronger relationships with these stakeholders.

Robust security and controls

Authentication and authorization 

Use your preferred Identity provider such as Okta, Azure AD, or G Suite to restrict access to apps and APIs. Authenticate and authorize APIs using JWT.

Policy enforcement

Apply policies such as mTLS and IP restrictions to your services. Create custom workflows to publish your services that meet corporate security standards using our APIs. Prevent account sprawl through a centrally-managed, IT-controlled ngrok account for all developers.

Monitor traffic

Block unauthorized requests even before they reach your service, and monitor events in your SIEM or observability tool by forwarding logs and traffic flow.
With ngrok, we get comprehensive security with a full scope of functionality for all of our use cases.
Ihor Leshko
Director of Engineering


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Private Edition